Building and Construction Safety: Best Practices to Observe in Eyewash Stations

There are security standards set by governing bodies that help keep the safety of construction and industrial companies and workers. If you are an employer starting a new construction organisation, this post talks about the emergency situation equipment and documents, such as an environmental management certificate that will help you comply with the government’s imposed requirements.

Listed below are is an eye wash station checklist that includes practices you must observe when setting up, utilizing, or maintaining your eyewash and safety shower testing requirements.

The eye wash station inspection checklist

Hire a manager with an environmental management certificate

It was mentioned earlier that an environmental management certificate is one of the documents you need to comply further with the government’s imposed safety standards. Technically, your environmental manager must possess this certificate, as it verifies their knowledge and expertise in handling emergencies in construction areas and industrial facilities.

Keep the stations accessible to anybody at any time.

Constantly make certain that the doors of the emergency eye wash station and showers are accessible and open. Although most likely the showers and eyewash stations will be used rarely, you need to ensure that whenever one will be required, it is accessible to a hurrying client whose eye vision is put on the line.

Constantly clear the surrounding location of the eye wash station and security showers.

Don’t enable any hindrances kept around the surrounding location of the safety equipment that might hinder or block the person from moving around in a hurry when it comes to a mishap. Also, the necessary water flushing time when someone is contaminated by severe chemicals is 15 minutes, so make sure there aren’t any clogs that may get toppled down while doing so.

Observe the water’s temperature level and its source.

Water is necessary to the function of any emergency chemical spill station, so always ensure the water that comes out of the showers and sinks are clean with a stable temperature level. You need to strike a balance between having water that is too warm or too cold because if not, it can cause a lot more damage to the jeopardized worker.

Always preserve the tidiness of the eyewash and security shower after use.

You must always clean the emergency wash stations every after usage. Really, these stations have to be cleaned and maintained weekly or two despite not having actually been utilized. Ensure to sanitize the cleaning stations effectively and dry the fixtures like the hose pipes, spouts, and tap covers so as to avoid rusting and other wear and tear damages.

Beware and be precise in installing the chemical flushing system.

Ensure to follow the Absorb Enviro directions consisted of from the manufacturer of the emergency flushing stations. Each station is not the very same. So always follow the precise setup guidelines to avoid malfunctions and accidents, and to ensure correct performance.

Never ever tinker and tamper with the emergency flushing station system components.

If the manufacturer’s guidelines do not require you to replace or change the settings of a certain element, never attempt to change anything on the unit regarding not impact the efficiency.