Building and Construction Safety: Best Practices to Observe in Eyewash Stations


There are security standards set by governing bodies that help keep the safety of construction and industrial companies and workers. If you are an employer starting a new construction organisation, this post talks about the emergency situation equipment and documents, such as an environmental management certificate that will help you comply with the government’s imposed requirements.

Listed below are is an eye wash station checklist that includes practices you must observe when setting up, utilizing, or maintaining your eyewash and safety shower testing requirements.

The eye wash station inspection checklist

Hire a manager with an environmental management certificate

It was mentioned earlier that an environmental management certificate is one of the documents you need to comply further with the government’s imposed safety standards. Technically, your environmental manager must possess this certificate, as it verifies their knowledge and expertise in handling emergencies in construction areas and industrial facilities.

Keep the stations accessible to anybody at any time.

Constantly make certain that the doors of the emergency eye wash station and showers are accessible and open. Although most likely the showers and eyewash stations will be used rarely, you need to ensure that whenever one will be required, it is accessible to a hurrying client whose eye vision is put on the line.

Constantly clear the surrounding location of the eye wash station and security showers.

Don’t enable any hindrances kept around the surrounding location of the safety equipment that might hinder or block the person from moving around in a hurry when it comes to a mishap. Also, the necessary water flushing time when someone is contaminated by severe chemicals is 15 minutes, so make sure there aren’t any clogs that may get toppled down while doing so.

Observe the water’s temperature level and its source.

Water is necessary to the function of any emergency chemical spill station, so always ensure the water that comes out of the showers and sinks are clean with a stable temperature level. You need to strike a balance between having water that is too warm or too cold because if not, it can cause a lot more damage to the jeopardized worker.

Always preserve the tidiness of the eyewash and security shower after use.

You must always clean the emergency wash stations every after usage. Really, these stations have to be cleaned and maintained weekly or two despite not having actually been utilized. Ensure to sanitize the cleaning stations effectively and dry the fixtures like the hose pipes, spouts, and tap covers so as to avoid rusting and other wear and tear damages.

Beware and be precise in installing the chemical flushing system.

Ensure to follow the Absorb Enviro directions consisted of from the manufacturer of the emergency flushing stations. Each station is not the very same. So always follow the precise setup guidelines to avoid malfunctions and accidents, and to ensure correct performance.

Never ever tinker and tamper with the emergency flushing station system components.

If the manufacturer’s guidelines do not require you to replace or change the settings of a certain element, never attempt to change anything on the unit regarding not impact the efficiency.

What Lies Ahead For An Aspiring Environmental Manager?


Environmental managers are in demand today because of the increasing demand for individuals who can maintain feasible environmental management systems. If you’re applying for a position, you must prepare rigorously because a wide challenging array of unplanned tasks and responsibilities lie ahead. You can’t even slack off just because you’re familiar with terms like “wheelie bin spill kit” and “environmental spill kits”; there are still factors you need to study before you send your resume.

wheelie bin spill kit
wheelie bin spill kit

From a distance

Businesses nowadays are actually being more compliant to the strict resolutions laid down by state and federal governments when it pertains to waste maintenance. Various types of environmental issues have sent government officials to reward excellent environmental protecting habits in companies. To get these rewards, companies are developing Environmental Management Systems (EMS). In their website, business.gov.au furnishes a comprehensive but easy-to-read manual on environmental management systems.

What you should expect

Anticipate that you will oversee if a company follows the precise environmental legislation promoted by the government. Also, expect to find yourself to be always communicating with federal and state government bigwigs. This is a compliance to one of the numerous communication-related tasks that are written in your job description. Lastly, you must also study spillage response management and learn about the fundamental tools such as a wheelie bin spill kit.

Subsequently, before you apply, you also have to read about these other tasks that you will undertake as an environmental manager:

Choosing and buying tools for an environmental management system

One of the responsibilities of an environmental manager is figuring out what spillage response products are the best tools to use to alleviate spillages. Knowing where to buy tools such as spill kit wheelie bins should be learned by the environmental manager even before a site survey commences.

Carrying out a site survey

Before your company even develops a legitimate and overall environmental management system, a survey will always be conducted. This survey uncovers the high-risk areas where environmental harm, including a spillage, may probably occur.

As an environmental manager, you have to enlist the areas that need immediate checking. In the event of a spillage, a large number of environmental managers generally keep wheelie bin spill kits as part of their spillage response tactic.

So, if you’re planning to secure a position of an environmental manager in manufacturing business, for example, always be wary of the parts where waste usually circulates and from that, work on how you can manage if ever a spillage takes place.

Educating the employees on waste management

One of an EMS’s aspects includes an instruction on how employees should dispose and manage their waste. An environmental manager’s task is to communicate that instruction to the employees and give them the proper direction. This instruction is vital because even if the workers are not experts on waste monitoring, making them learn about proper waste disposal and management on their own will incorporate a sense of responsibility.

Now that you have an idea what an environmental management career position entails you to carry out, what’s left to work on is getting a diploma of environmental management online. If you intend to enroll in a web-based course, visit https://absorbenviro.com.au/.

Spill kit is an essential tool in providing a healthy environment


Be it a manufacturing unit or a warehouse or even your home, you should take effective measures to clean the surroundings when there is any spillage of materials. The necessity for dealing with spills gains all the more importance when there is spillage of chemicals, oils, sewage or even water. One of the effective ways of dealing with such spills is by using spill kits of superior quality. In fact, in Australia, exclusive spill kits have been introduced for being used in laboratories. These versatile spill kits can be used not only for managing spills of toxic chemicals but also managing spills of toxic vapors.

Use specific kits:

The modern spill kits effectively manage the spills and also arrest small leakages. The kits are provided with inflatable stoppers which can be inserted into the leaking outflow and thereby these help in preventing further leakages.  Like many other products, the design of spill kits is getting more and more user specific. For example, there are fuel station kits that are effectively used for managing spill of gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene and such other inflammable articles.  Such kits are designed according to the NFPA 99 standards. This exclusive variety of spill kit can be used in places where highly combustible gasoline products are stored including ships, military sites, commercial establishments, airports and even in homes. Check out Absorb Enviro

Contents of the kit:

Basically, spill kits contain specially designed materials like absorbents, gloves, inflatable stoppers, protective clothing including headgear, boot covers, first aid box, drums in a variety of sizes and such other related products. Further, the kits are colored strictly according to the color code scheme prescribed by the Australian Government. For example, general purpose kits are colored in light blue color. Kits used for spills of oils are colored in black, kits for managing spills of high-risk chemicals are colored in burgundy. In addition to these, the kits also bear the prescribed spill kit signs. The exclusive color and the signs are intended to ensure easy identification and access to the spill kit during spills.

Training in operating the kit:

These kits are pollution control products and their optimum utilization can be ensured only when the kits are effectively operated.  Of course, it is very easy to operate the spill kit; yet, the manufacturers of the spill kit provide abundant training to the staff in operating the kit. In fact, some of the manufacturers even conduct mock spills so as to improve the operational preparedness of the staff in operating the spill kit.

Periodical servicing:

The Australian Spill Association popularly called as AusSpill Association (AA) strongly recommends that the spill kit should be serviced at appropriate intervals. While servicing, the authorized representative will carefully examine the materials in the spill kit. Wherever necessary the representative will replace materials like worn out absorbents, first aid kit, and such other products.


 Spill kits play a dominant role in providing effective environmental services to the community at large. Considering the important role played by a spill kit, you must buy it from reliable manufacturers. You can visit websites like the http://www.absorbenviro.com.au to know more. This is because such manufacturers will ensure that the materials in the kit are of superior quality.

A Guide in Using an Emergency Eyewash Station for Construction Employees


Accident-prone occupations, like construction jobs, are commonly known to be in touch with supervisory policies when it comes to safety. However, as times pass, situations and technologies also evolve, hence so should a construction company’s safety policies. Accidents in the working site can endanger both the entire company in terms of workers’ morale and reputation. Fortunately, there are safety standards that are mandated in every state, including how to perform an eye wash station inspection.

eye wash station inspection

That being said, a preventive measure like an eye wash station inspection isn’t mandated just to comply with the safety standards imposed on businesses by the state or federal government. These standards aid in keeping both employers and employees safe from impending dangers.

As a supervisor or employer of manual construction labour employees, you must secure your workers’ environment or strategize response training in case of contingencies.

If you are an employer starting a new construction business, you may benefit from reading this article as it talks about the preventive measures you can instruct your employees to practice them in order for you to avoid major injuries and accidents.

Listed below are the best practices you need to observe when installing, utilising, or sustaining an emergency shower and eye wash station, general spill kit purpose, spill kit bin, and eye wash station inspection equipment.

Keep the stations open to anybody whenever. Additionally a piece of a strategy for an eye wash station inspection, dependably ensure that the entryways of the emergency eye wash station and showers are available and open. Albeit Absorb Enviro most presumably the showers and eyewash stations will be utilized occasionally, you have to ensure that whenever needed, it is open to a hurrying patient whose eye vision is put on hold.

Continuously clear the encompassing region of the emergency eye wash station and security showers. Try not to permit any impediments put away around the encompassing range of the security gear that may obstruct or hinder the individual from moving around. Additionally, the required water flushing time when somebody is debased by harsh chemicals is 15 minutes, so make sure there aren’t any blockages that may get toppled down all the while.

Watch the water’s temperature and its source. Water is fundamental to the capacity of any emergency chemical spill station, so dependably ensure the water that leaves the showers and sinks are spotless with a steady temperature. You have to balance between having water that is too warm or excessively cool because any excessive water temperature will significantly cause more harm to the bargained representative.

Continuously keep up the cleanliness of the eyewash and shower after utilised. Never neglect to have the emergency flushing stations cleaned after each utilisation. As a matter of fact, these stations should be cleaned and kept up each week, regardless of not having been utilised. Clean the washing stations legitimately and dry the fixtures like the hoses, gushes, and tap covers to abstain from rusting and other wear and tear harms.

Be watchful and exact in introducing the chemical flushing unit. Make a point to read the datasheet of the emergency flushing stations carefully. Not all eye wash stations are similarly designed. So make sure to take after the correct establishment directions from the manufacturer to prevent glitches and mishaps, and to ensure legitimate execution.

Never change emergency shower and eyewash station fixtures without proper instruction. If the manufacturer’s datasheet has no instructions on changing the settings of the unit, never dare to transform anything in the unit as you may affect its capacity to work, or worse, damage it.