A Guide in Using an Emergency Eyewash Station for Construction Employees

Accident-prone occupations, like construction jobs, are commonly known to be in touch with supervisory policies when it comes to safety. However, as times pass, situations and technologies also evolve, hence so should a construction company’s safety policies. Accidents in the working site can endanger both the entire company in terms of workers’ morale and reputation. Fortunately, there are safety standards that are mandated in every state, including how to perform an eye wash station inspection.

eye wash station inspection

That being said, a preventive measure like an eye wash station inspection isn’t mandated just to comply with the safety standards imposed on businesses by the state or federal government. These standards aid in keeping both employers and employees safe from impending dangers.

As a supervisor or employer of manual construction labour employees, you must secure your workers’ environment or strategize response training in case of contingencies.

If you are an employer starting a new construction business, you may benefit from reading this article as it talks about the preventive measures you can instruct your employees to practice them in order for you to avoid major injuries and accidents.

Listed below are the best practices you need to observe when installing, utilising, or sustaining an emergency shower and eye wash station, general spill kit purpose, spill kit bin, and eye wash station inspection equipment.

Keep the stations open to anybody whenever. Additionally a piece of a strategy for an eye wash station inspection, dependably ensure that the entryways of the emergency eye wash station and showers are available and open. Albeit Absorb Enviro most presumably the showers and eyewash stations will be utilized occasionally, you have to ensure that whenever needed, it is open to a hurrying patient whose eye vision is put on hold.

Continuously clear the encompassing region of the emergency eye wash station and security showers. Try not to permit any impediments put away around the encompassing range of the security gear that may obstruct or hinder the individual from moving around. Additionally, the required water flushing time when somebody is debased by harsh chemicals is 15 minutes, so make sure there aren’t any blockages that may get toppled down all the while.

Watch the water’s temperature and its source. Water is fundamental to the capacity of any emergency chemical spill station, so dependably ensure the water that leaves the showers and sinks are spotless with a steady temperature. You have to balance between having water that is too warm or excessively cool because any excessive water temperature will significantly cause more harm to the bargained representative.

Continuously keep up the cleanliness of the eyewash and shower after utilised. Never neglect to have the emergency flushing stations cleaned after each utilisation. As a matter of fact, these stations should be cleaned and kept up each week, regardless of not having been utilised. Clean the washing stations legitimately and dry the fixtures like the hoses, gushes, and tap covers to abstain from rusting and other wear and tear harms.

Be watchful and exact in introducing the chemical flushing unit. Make a point to read the datasheet of the emergency flushing stations carefully. Not all eye wash stations are similarly designed. So make sure to take after the correct establishment directions from the manufacturer to prevent glitches and mishaps, and to ensure legitimate execution.

Never change emergency shower and eyewash station fixtures without proper instruction. If the manufacturer’s datasheet has no instructions on changing the settings of the unit, never dare to transform anything in the unit as you may affect its capacity to work, or worse, damage it.